Grand Friends

Supervised activities with seniors and children

Our “grand-friends” program is an outgrowth of the philosophy of care for seniors used by Age Care called the Eden Alternative.  The Eden Alternative was developed by Dr. William H. Thomas who advocates the inclusion of animals, gardens, children, and opportunities for seniors’ meaningful contribution to the lives of others.  The gentle and sensitive linking of the lives of the children in our centres and the seniors in the Age Care Residences is an ongoing gift to each generation.  The children have special times with seniors who have time to give.  The seniors know that their gift of time and self supports the healthy growth of the newest generation who may not have a chance to be with extended family.   Our intergenerational activities are coordinated by our Directors and the recreational therapy staff, nursing, care, and management teams of Age Care Beverly Centre and Age Care Seton.  All activities are planned with due care for the safety, health and emotional well- being of the children and the “grand-friends”.

  • Promotes early literacy
  • Expands children’s horizons
  • Helps children view elderly in a positive light
  • Shows children how to form meaningful relationships
  • Seniors pass on important skills and life knowledge