Montessori Childcare in Calgary

Oaks & Acorns Montessori offers Montessori programs and childcare for Pre-Toddlers (13 months to 19 months of age), Toddlers (19 months to 3 years of age) and Montessori Preschool / Kindergarten (3 years to 6 years of age) including an option for a Montessori Kindergarten certified by Alberta Education.

We are dedicated to the philosophy and methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori whose work stressed profound respect for the potential of each individual child.  Montessori education offers freedom of choice and movement with a balance of guidance based upon observation and respect for the children’s unfolding selves.  Dr. Montessori discovered that children thrive in all ways when obstacles to their natural development are removed and a special “prepared environment” is offered to nurture their individual interests and to empower their personal growth.  Our classrooms are homey settings scaled to and prepared entirely for children where they are guided to work at their own pace according to their own interests.  They joyfully explore and discover social skills, physical skills, daily living skills, the senses, math and language, science and nature, music, art, and geography.

Parent Involvement & Contribution

Each fall we hold a family social for new families to meet current families. A Winter Festival celebration is also held in December; parents and children’s crafts are incorporated into an evening of celebration. Regular parent education opportunities are set-up throughout the calendar year to share information about Montessori education and child development. Parents are welcome to observe and visit the classroom at regularly scheduled times and at any time throughout the year.  Guide (teacher) parent conferences are set-up throughout the year to discuss each child’s development and to share goals.  Student-led conferences are held once a year giving each child the opportunity to share their favorite interests and activities with their parents.  We also encourage parents to come to our classroom to share talents, careers and cultural traditions. We value parent participation as volunteers on field trips and special events. All parents are welcome to become active in our parent council.  This council is a collective association of parents, teachers, and administration who work together to promote the effectiveness of our school community and to enhance student learning and well-being.

Our two centres are uniquely located in two lovely Seniors’ Residences in Southeast Calgary; Age Care Beverly Centre in Midnapore and Age Care Seton in Seton.  We work with the Age Care staff to develop intergenerational activities with our “grand-friends”.  These include planned activities such as gardening, art, and reading buddies as well as spontaneous interactions on our walks and visits in the Seniors’ Residences.

Oaks & Acorns History

Oaks & Acorns was started by founding director, Judith Doucette. Ms.Doucette has dedicated her career to early childhood Montessori eduction. In 1999 Ms. Doucette spearheaded and wrote the proposal for public Montessori in Calgary with an enthusiastic group of parents seeking accessible Montessori education for their children. The result was Montessori Casa – which was founded to support CBE public Montessori which begins in kindergarten. In addition Ms. Doucette started Oaks & Acorns private Montessori preschool. At that time, she and the parent group founded the Montessori Alternative Public School Society (MAPSS) which continues to raise funds and advocate for public Montessori. Ms. Doucette continues to serve on the MAPSS Board of Directors. Parents are invited to become members and, if interested, Directors of the society.